Hollywood – the American Tinsel world:How many movies become blockbusters?The summer releases of 2016:

Hollywood – the American Tinsel world:

Hollywood is the most notable of all film industries in the whole world. This small municipality town that was merged into the city of Los Angeles in 1870s is responsible for weaving the dreams of a million and more people who are in different ways related to its glamour industry.

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How many movies become blockbusters?

Today, a blockbuster movie is defined by its collection at the US box office which is also the official collection that the film makes from the viewing of the motion pictures at big screens and theatres. Originally, the term was meant to use to denote the public response to the film. But since that would

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The summer releases of 2016:

The summer of 2016 is widely believed to have a story of more misses than hits at Hollywood. Hollywood, in its bid to create the magic of its previously successful movies creates sequels to the original movie.

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