The summer releases of 2016

The summer of 2016 is widely believed to have a story of more misses than hits at Hollywood. Hollywood, in its bid to create the magic of its previously successful movies creates sequels to the original movie.

Even though the Pre 2016 sequels raked in lot of collection and very good response from the audience, this year has seen a major slump in its sequel selling. There lies the big issue. Let’s try and dissect the reasons for the slump

  1. No one asked for a sequel to this!

Generally, if the original motion picture had a great fan base, then with a lot of precaution and research, a sequel was made so that the audiences could have more of their favorite characters and the advanced plot. But sadly, the sequels that were offered this year were definitely those that had no major fan base or the ones that never warranted any sequels. For example, the sequel to the motion picture, Now you see me.

  1. Sequel fatigue:

In an alarming statistics, it has been revealed that Hollywood has not less than 37 sequels that are either released or slated to be released soon. On the other hand, there are 20 original movies that are also in their post production period. There is probably a fatigue in the audience seeing the same characters and there is a need for freshness in story and newer characters.

  1. The characters no longer catch the audience’s fancies:

Most of the times, the only thing that attracts a regular moviegoer is the character that the actor plays. How convincingly the part is played by him determines in major part the fate of the motion picture at the box office.

If people do not connect with the character in the original picture, there is no way they are going to find the characters in the sequel attractive enough to spend their hard earned money and precious time on.

A classic example is that of the movie ‘Finding Dory’ which is a sequel to the motion picture, ‘Finding Nemo’ did much better than Alice in Wonderland. Film critics say that this is mainly due to the fact that the people looked forward to go for a new adventure with the funny fishes rather than with Alice through the looking glass!

  1. Need for the new:

The sequels are mere extensions of the old and mostly all stale. The industry should strive to create freshness in characters, its plot and also the treatment to the plot. More than just spending millions in creating sequels they should try to give to the audiences something that is never seen before or never heard of before.

Even though the industry has its fair number of misses every year, the summer of 2016 has been far most disappointing with one after another sequels failing to make their mark at the box office or even kindle curiosity among the fans of the original motion picture. The original picture may have endeared to the audience at the time of their release but with passing time the audiences now crave for something different and fresh.

Creative guys out there are you listening?

Leave the old and go for the new!