Hollywood – the American Tinsel world:

Hollywood is the most notable of all film industries in the whole world. This small municipality town that was merged into the city of Los Angeles in 1870s is responsible for weaving the dreams of a million and more people who are in different ways related to its glamour industry.

The geography:

Hollywood is close to California and is home to various historical studios that have given us the most number of entertaining hits over so many decades. Being the hotspot of commercial activities, it is always been in news. It is also the home to many established actors and aspiring ones as well. The district is densely populated with a cosmopolitan population which lends its own charm to the picturesque neighborhoods of the place.

The statistics:

The American Motion Pictures Association claims that even though the actual number fluctuates, on an average, Hollywood produces around 600 movies every year. This number does not include the documentaries and other features made independently by private people. In all, the numbers are whooping.

The Hollywood sign

The iconic Hollywood sign has loomed over the state for over 90 years and remains the epicenter of American film making. Here are some interesting facts you probably did not know about the Hollywood sign.

  • It was not created with the film industry on mind

The Hollywood sign was originally created in 1923 to advertise real estate when Harry Chandler, a real estate agent was looking for ways to attract buyers to the hillside. It cost him $21,000 which is equivalent to about $280,000 dollars today. The sign initially read Hollywood land and was meant to stay up for eighteen months. Each letter was 50fts. However, in 1949, the last four letters were dropped and the height of the letters reduced to 45 fts.

  • The sign had a caretaker

The real estate agency hired Albert Kothe as a caretaker of the HOLLYWOOD LAND sign. Among his responsibilities was replacing the light bulbs attached to the letters when they burnt out. This was a large task considering they were over 4,000 bulbs.

  • In 1970, the Hollywood sign went to pot

On Jan. 1, 1976 when the state’s relaxed marijuana law took effect, Danny Finegood hung curtains on the Hollywood sign changing it to read HOLLYWEED.

  • The Hollywood sign was once a suicide site

Sadly, among the many people who flocked Hollywood for fame and make a fortune, only a small number became successful. One unlucky actress, Peg Entwistle moved to Los Angles from New York City in the hope of becoming a film star. Despite her efforts, she failed to get a role she had applied for and on 18th September, 1932, she climbed the letter H of the Hollywood sign and jumped to her death.

  • The Hollywood sign has as much security as Fort Knox

To protect the signs from being vandalized, the Hollywood sign has a tight security system that involves even the Department of Homeland security. The security includes infrared technology, razor wire, motion sensors, 24 hours monitoring, helicopter patrols and alarms.